Cave Lion: Still the King of the Jungle

The lion is said to be the King of the Jungle. The modern day lion is a magnificent animal in its own right. It used to have an ancestor who used to exist more than 10000 years ago. They were the Cave Lions, which were supposed to have been larger than the present day lion. This cave lion also known as the Eurasian lion has become extinct more than 10000 years back. Some reports indicate that these lions were existing till as recently as 2000 years back. The reports are unconfirmed so one cannot comment on the same.

From fossil records it is seen that these lion like creatures were much bigger and gigantic than the present day lion. They were known as cave lions as they used to live in caves and were known to have been one of the biggest predators in those times. The dimensions of this huge lion were more than 1.2 meters tall with a length of more than 2 meters. It was said that the cave lion used to be taller than man while standing on its four legs. Although it is called a cave lion, it actually resembled a tiger or a leopard as it had pale stripes and spots. The males did not have manes as present day lions do.

These lions used to live in groups and were considered quite intelligent among the animal species. They were also very powerful and agile like all cats are. It has been researched that the bears in those days used to be larger than the present day ones. The cave lions used to cross path with these bears which might have resulted in frequent fights. There have been indications found that these lions have emerged victorious on all occasions. It is believed that they became extinct about 200 years ago.